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The Head Lamp

The crisp blue sky, which was littered with clouds painted a great backdrop while hiking down a lonely gravel road. The deep green and brown of the trees framed the path which I walked down. I could hear birds signing to each other in a dialect only they knew. The pattern in which they sung began tapering off as I entered a barren meadow. Not much was to be seen but trees and hallowed stumps. In the distance I saw the movement of a few brown blurs which I interpreted as deer. All but one of the beasts scattered as I drew closer. The herd, which was lead by a massive buck who was not intimidated by the subtleness of my presence was staring me directly in the eyes. The deepness of his glare took me completely by surprise, I could see into the depths of this creature’s soul, and for once I felt as though I could connect with an animal on a completely spiritual level. We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity but as soon as the competition began, it was over. He must have been content with our non verbal agreement and we parted ways, I never saw him again. After crossing a tiny bridge which covered a slow moving stream I was back into the trees, brown and green surrounded me once more. The sun was beginning to set and I had been wandering aimlessly through the forest for about two hours. This did not feel like home, I had never ventured out into the woods for as long and as deep as I was now. Everything was foreign, the overwhelming sense of adventure was all around me and I couldn’t get enough of it. Winding paths lead me to more of the same scenery; my mind was still racing with excitement about what I could find around the bend. Making camp at night was not an option for me and my inexperience so I decided t...

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...ed and focused my eyes as best I could but couldn’t distinguish what was causing my momentary blindness. I drew closer and as I made my way around a tree, the shining object was no more. I kept my eyes pinned to the area where I believed I saw the flash, with no regard of the ground below me I kept moving. Finally I found the source of the flash; I picked up the elastic head band of the lamp that led me on a failed chase through my backpack the night before. It must have fallen out at I was sneaking up to the deer twelve hours ago. I unzipped my bag and squeezed the lamp inside, making sure to not break the clear plastic which covered the bulb; I zipped the bag and was on my way once more. The green and brown of the trees greeted me noiselessly again and the crisp blue sky had again painted a great backdrop for the rest of my trip home on this lonely gravel road.

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