H.D.’s personal negotiations in End to Torment Essay

H.D.’s personal negotiations in End to Torment Essay

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This is not simply a severe case of "love is blind," however. As might be expected, End to Torment, operating as it does according to a dynamic of free-association and personal mythology, is a layered text. In attempting to unpack what Pound means to her, H.D. comes to the conclusion that she, and all of the artists who benefitted from Pound's kindness and guidance, owe him their gratitude and support when the entire world seemed in confederacy against him. She writes of "Robert Frost, T.S. Eliot, Auden, Hemingway, and ... the gallant band that awarded him the rabidly contested or controverted Bollingen Prize in 1949, for the Pisan Cantos." In the next day's entry, April 13, she writes that "It seems that a great deal will be resurrected or re-born once Ezra is free. Consciously or unconsciously, it seems that we have been bound up with him, bound up with him and his fate" (ETT 37). The language here, "resurrected or re-born," amounts to a tacit acknowledgment of Ezra's crimes. Resurrected implies death, and as Pound was still alive and quite healthy, we might ponder that she was referring to the death of young Pound, snow on his beard in the pine trees. Alternatively, if this is the same Pound, he might be forgiven his sins and re-born. Here she has taken a pragmatic view on Ezra's legacy, that although his actions during the war may have been repugnant, he also gave H.D. her start, contributed heavily to The Wasteland, and helped dozens of other artists. As H.D. puts it, regarding several women artists Pound helped throughout his life, and in a passage which seems to identify herself with them, "It is only by admitting that Ezra is an old man, that I can say that I am an old woman. But this is not true. There are others. They ...

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...o answer it. It is this question, however, with which End to Torment is largely concerned.

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