Essay about The Hawaii Red Cross And Its Challenge Of Effective Pr Material

Essay about The Hawaii Red Cross And Its Challenge Of Effective Pr Material

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I am going to make a comprehensive communication plan that is tailored for the Hawaiian chapter of the American Red Cross and its challenge of effective PR material. The Hawaii Red Cross ' mission is to prevent and relieve people 's suffering in regard to emergencies and disasters (“About us,” n.d.). Material provided for the public should reflect this mission of saving lives and giving hope to those in need. Below I will explain what I anticipate on doing to solve this issue.
The main reason why there is no tailored material for the community of Hawaii is that there is no one in particular assigned to the task of taking photographs and gathering stories. Great public relations opportunities are often missed because photo opportunities were never organized. The outreach is not as effective as it could be. If the volunteers would get proper training in how to take pictures and gather stories, these activities could be implemented in their job descriptions as volunteers. However, the communication department of the Hawaii Red Cross only consist of one person, which would make it hard to conduct frequent courses for them. Therefore, I will make an online tutorial. It will be focused on how to take decent photographs and include the Red Cross ' criteria of what pictures the organization wants. It will entail how to frame a picture in the best possible way, what the photograph should include, how to get approval from the people in the picture to use it for public relation purposes, etc. Even though it is preferred that the photographs are taken with an SLR camera, the tutorial will also be helpful for those who only have their smartphones available. In the situation the Hawaii Red Cross is in now, smartphone pictures are better than n...

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... in relation to promotion or fundraising. Red Cross should always be represented in the photograph, so that people that see the picture know that it is the Red Cross that helped or were present in the presented situation. This helps building awareness and the brand og the organization. This can be done by getting the workers with their Red Cross vests in the picture – either handing out help, or with a background of a disaster or destruction. If it is hard to get these pictures “in action” one can ask the Red Cross worker and the victim to pose the situation, but be careful about pushing a victim that is deeply affected by a disaster to pose for the cameras. The people the Red Cross representatives encounter are often victims of disasters and emergencies. One should not start taking pictures of clients without asking them first. (Information gathered form appendix 1).

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