Having Bad Grades For Not Knowing English Essay

Having Bad Grades For Not Knowing English Essay

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One specific obstacle I have faced was having bad grades for not knowing English. For me, learning a new language has not been as simple as it seems and is harder because I do not have relatives around here who can help me practice to improve. Having entered into this country was a very good thing because there are many opportunities, but at the beginning I recognized that it is very difficult to adapt since the language and the customs are different. Learning a new language brought me many challenges; one of them were bad grades in school because I did know English. I remember that the first time I received a report of my grades by mail. I cried because I had an F, and I did not like that because I always had good grades. When the report came, I felt terrible because I had never had a bad grade in my life. That day, I was thinking how, before the challenge happened, my teachers that I had in Mexico congratulated me for my excellent grades. Also, when my dad dropped me off in high school the principal told him what was the reason for his decision since I was a great student in the PEZ (Preparatoria Emiliano Zapata). As I mentioned earlier, the obstacle that led me to have bad grades was the language. The challenge was presented only because in classes I did not understand anything that the teachers were explaining and because I really did not know how to complete my assignments. What also affected my grades were the exams for the simple reason of not understanding anything. Because of this, many areas in my life were negatively affected emotionally, physically and academically. Emotionally I was affected because I did not like being frustrated and considered as a "dumb." Physically it was a challenge because it was an imp...

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...ure. The areas I feel I benefited were my self-esteem, mastering self-management, and developing emotional intelligence. I think this were the areas that helped me the most because I feel more secure about myself. My self-esteem increase a lot because now I am more comfortable with myself. With mastering self-management, I am recording my time in a monthly calendar to do what I have to do on time. Developing Emotional Intelligence was the one that helped me more because now I can control my emotions better, and I enjoy more my life. My beliefs about myself change because now I see things in a positive ways and I know that everything in this life is possible with effort, but for that I do not have to give up.

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