Have You Ever Wondered How Big the Milky Way Really Is? Essay

Have You Ever Wondered How Big the Milky Way Really Is? Essay

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Have you ever wondered how big the Milky Way really is? Well,an American astronomer named Harlow Sharpley gave us the accurate answer to this question in 1920.He began his research in 1914 with studying stars called Global Clusters.He continued his studies and stayed persistent throughout the years until he found the answers he was looking for.Our world is unbelievably big and there are so many undiscovered things out there that there is no limit for the amount that we can learn about it.Up until 1920 we didn’t even have an idea of the actual size of the Milky Way,But thanks to this man we are at least given a range of the amount of things out there that are waiting to be discovered.Throughout his early years,and adult life he has always been very interested in learning new things and in pushing with his interests he made many contributions to Astronomy.
Harlow was born on November 2nd in 1885 on a farm in Nashville Missouri.His parents were named Willis and Sarah Sharpley.Growing up even though he was an only child Harlow had no self motivation to push himself through the work and pressure that school put on him.He dropped out of school only receiving a 5th grade education.Harlow continued to educate himself at home and took up writing.He became a newspaper reporter,covering crime stories.This was not enough for Harlow,eventually he got tired of his life at home and decided that he wanted to go back to school and get a real education because he realized that it was needed for him to make it farther in life and make something of himself.He returned to school by joining a 6-year High School program in which he graduated out of in only two years and as valedictorian.Although as a young boy Harlow didn’t make the best decisions h...

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... doubt and of others doubt on him,he rose very high above that.He proved everyone wrong and proved to himself that he was a smart person who deserved to have a successful life.He is an inspiration to everyone that there is always a way to come back and fix your mistakes.He knew he was better than staying at home and doing nothing.He had a passion for learning and knew that staying at home doing nothing wasn’t who he was and wasn't what he wanted to do with his life.He wanted to make a difference and he did just that.Not only did he have a successful career but he had a great life with a big family that he created.He proved the wonders that could come from putting in the effort and believing in yourself.Thanks to Harlow,the great deal importance of a good education and how far having a good one can take you in life is shown.There are no limits out there for us.

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