Have You Ever Wanted To Snowboard? Essay

Have You Ever Wanted To Snowboard? Essay

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Have You Ever Wanted To Snowboard?

As a lifelong snowboarder, I can tell you that anyone who is adventurous and loves the snow is qualified to hit the slopes with me. However, if you want your first snowboarding experience to be a successful one, you must come prepared.
First, you need gear, but not just any gear, I recommend Burton goggles, snow pants, a warm jacket, gloves and of course a banging board. Whatever swagger you decide to wear, you are going to want to be comfortable; nobody wants to be out on the slopes in negative degree weather freezing. You are going to want to buy a soft board and boots, because they are easier to learn on. Before hitting the slopes, you are going to want to get familiar with your board; I recommended a nice Nitro board.
Now, once you get out onto the snow, you are going to want to get into your bindings and attach them to your board on a flat surface. You want your feet to feel really snug, so you are strapped in. I would recommend jumping around to make sure everything is all tight and tied. It is a weird feeling at first, but just get use...

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