Essay about Have You Ever Had An Identity Crisis?

Essay about Have You Ever Had An Identity Crisis?

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Have you ever had an identity crisis? Most people have or will have an identity crisis at some point in their life. Most often, this happens during high school up into college. In my personal experience I had a bit of an identity crisis, but I never addressed it because I simply didn’t care, not until senior year College English that is. The event that occurred changed me as a person. This essay will explain the situation, how I changed, and how it contributed to who I am.
Senior year College English class, were assigned an essay. The essay was supposed to be our own memoir. This event may not seem significant and it wasn’t, at first. I was able to write all of the paragraphs without any trouble, until I came to the last paragraph. This paragraph’s theme was to identify a single trait that described who we were as a person. I just couldn’t think of anything. At the time I didn’t really think much of myself, just a regular average Jane going through life. I didn’t have anything that made me stand out. I contemplated for a while, but I couldn’t think of anything. I started just looking through a list of adjectives. The only problem was that I they were all boring, generic and didn’t really define who I was. Then, I saw it. Passionate, that’s the one word that describes me.
When I discovered this word it was like seeing the light. This word may not seem like anything special and I had seen it before, but I had never looked at it and really applied it to me. This changed me because it helped to define me. This was the moment I stepped into the light and knew who I was. I may not have known exactly who I was, but I knew what made me different, what made me stand out of the crowd. Imagine what it was like for a second. Being lost in ...

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...of art. I enjoy learning about artists of music, word, and drawing. I personally enjoy drawing whatever I feel at any given time. It’s amazing what everyone can do in this world, and the idea that people appreciate something as simple as a drawing when there are several other activities and objects in this world. I am passionate about an infinitesimal amount of different topics and activities. The ones mentioned above are simply a few of what I love, but with my written word of my opinion on them helps to show how accurately the word passionate describes me.
Writing my own memoir helped me to discover a part of who I am. The situation, how I changed because of it and how it ties in are all important as they are what help to tell the story. Next time you have to write about who you are, really put some thought into it. You never know when you might have an epiphany.

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