Essay on Have You Ever Believed in Bigfoot?

Essay on Have You Ever Believed in Bigfoot?

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You overhear heavy breathing and consider nothing, but fear scurries to your mind. Then another thought slams into you…. run, don’t stop that’s what you consider as you overhear it oncoming you…. don’t look back you think don’t stop and don't look back. Gradually it starts to get handier to you. You Make a sprint for it and forget about that lungful you want so bad and don’t maintenance about bruises that are forming on your legs and arms. Snap! you overhear a branch snap and suddenly you hear it to your left and right then to your left again. It is ubiquitously you contemplate. All of the sudden ,everything goes noiseless and you have a sensation you are in deep trouble. “ When all the sudden” your ears ascertain a high pitched shriek type snarl and other replies to something behind you not faway and you head scuttling to the safety through the dark woods.
Bigfoot, Bigfoot , Bigfoot does he exist or not, at least what do you ponder?Currently that I require your consideration I shall say that soon you can respond to this question to people who haven’t heard the stories. I need to admit though he can be extremely scary and you may reason that I am crazy, but have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to something outside your home moving and grunting and you feel like you will never feel happy again? If so then you know how it feels if not then just hope that you are not next for his appearance. Again, I have warned you once and now it can be twice. He can come upon you like a ghost and scare the daylights out of you, so you can’t say I never warned you. Now, if he comes you better hope you live to tell the story for we may never find you after he gets you.

So have you ever believed in Bigfoot? I have been enqui...

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