Have we replaced journalism articles with mindless gossip columnists? Essay

Have we replaced journalism articles with mindless gossip columnists? Essay

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Celebrity gossip is becoming something everyone is staying to know about from such celebrities as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Ben Cousins, Miley Cyrus etc. These celebrities are being to take over news articles, internet articles and now also in magazine articles. This has pushed journalism articles to the back of the magazines and newspaper articles and has made them less important and has made these articles much smaller which is showing less importance. This can be seen in (____).Have we become so caught up in finding out gossip that we have left the real news article behind? Our society is becoming more and more obsessed with celebrities either for music, movies or just for their name in Hollywood. If you were to simply read a blog, watch commercial news or read Australia's largest selling magazines, we would be pushing ourselves to be able to find any or very little, if any, information on world issues unless it is a disaster or something that everyone will need to know. The sad reality is that it requires a tragic natural disaster before our media realizes that there are other world issues of more importance than that of Hollywood or the sporting arenas. Our society has lost touch with the political, humanitarian and economic plights of nations if within Australia or outside Australia. Our focus is becoming more caught up in celebrity marriages, affairs, births, deaths and adoptions or the latest sports hero, drug abuser, tribunal or 'out-of hours' brawl. Instead of focusing on what is happening with Australian finance or with local issues or with outside issue in other countries.
Currently, Australia's number one selling magazine is Australia's Women's Weekly (gossip magazine) whilst the more education Time Magazine is r...

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...on focus. Entertainment has become more profitable than intellectual pursuits and consequently given rise to the increased volume. In our current life’s we have to put up with the gossip columns and get used to the 'fluffy' journalism until someone is able to stand up for journalism articles and to say something that will hopefully give journalism more importance over gossip.

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