Have We Overused The Term ' Leader ' Too Much? Essay

Have We Overused The Term ' Leader ' Too Much? Essay

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Have We Overused the Term ‘Leader’ Too Much?

The word “leadership” is liberally thrown around, but it is less common to think about the details: what leadership means, who leaders really are, and how to expand the pool of good leadership. People usually only think about the actions a leader takes, often forgetting that a real leader must have followers — people who willingly and eagerly work to achieve common goals.

Head over to Google and you’ll get 640 million results for “leadership.”

It seems to be in danger of becoming a “magic word,” waved at problems to make them disappear without any understanding of how that works – or because real leadership brings a unique set of challenges. Employees wind up with false expectations that lead to disillusionment when people who get hired into leadership roles often have little or no training on how to lead a team.

All too often, they’re managers — sometimes bad managers — who have been told they have to be leaders without understanding how or why. Even though they might have good intentions, they will wind up being bad news for an orga...

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