Has The Value Of Marriage Become Obsolete From The Up And Coming Generations?

Has The Value Of Marriage Become Obsolete From The Up And Coming Generations?

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Has the value of marriage become obsolete to the up and coming generations? With the decline in respect amongst individuals, increasing divorce rates, a decrease in moral values, infidelity rates, and lack of communication amid people, are we setting our future generations up for marital failure? The generations of today are being shown that marriage is something that they are expected to do rather than what they are meant to treasure. Marriage was once revered as a sacred union between two individuals in which they honored and cherished the vows in which they chose to recite to one another, values our current society may be lacking.
In past generations, marriage was valued, and the couple knew that hard work and dedication were vital to maintaining the union. Divorce was taboo in the fact that people were expected to stay together once married, til death did them part. Divorce was not looked upon in past generations as it is in our society today, as a means to gain financial security or relinquish the vows in which they recited for meritless reasons. The generations of the past had a stronger, more meaningful outlook on the work ethic needed to keep a unified marriage and sense of dedication to the person they chose to marry. Maintaining a family intact was an honor that showed the devotion two individuals shared in a union. The marriage rate continues to decline in the United States. In fact, there has been a decline of over 50% from 1970-2010 in the annual number of marriages in every 1000 unmarried adult women (The State of Our Unions 2011, 60 and Why Marriage Matters: Facts and Figures).
Communication in a marriage is crucial to maintaining the union in which you have decided to become a part of. A good marriage thrives o...

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...nicate effectively, respect another, trust, work hard, dedicate themselves, and problem solve within a marriage, can help them in many other endeavors. Creating these qualities and treating them how to uphold them to the highest honor will help not only in friendship, business relationship, and day to day interaction with others you may not know. Learning how to treat others starting with the ones you love the most will create a level of care inside of you to extend that feeling to others, possibly creating a better world if everyone applied this method to their lives. It all starts with how we as married individuals show our children in the early stages to view the marriage and experiences we are displaying to them. Marriage should again be revered as one of the greatest honors to have in one’s lifetime if we apply ourselves and put an emphasis in doing so.

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