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Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good

The topic on Has The Internet Done More Harm Than Good is important because it has been debated about countless times and is still ongoing. There are hundreds of reasons backing both sides’ arguments. The Internet is such an important place; it builds bridges to other countries and people but also destroys people's lives. Over 80,000 people are affected by phishing scams. The governments of our countries use it to spy and gather information on people; everyone everywhere uses it.

On the Global scale it isn’t a question on whether the internet has done good or bad because it is so dearly required, the world would simply not go around without it. What is questioned about the Internet however is the way of use. People around the world are using the Internet’s exploitations to take money and other things from people. Many governments are considering censoring the Internet to protect people from phishing, scamming and fraud. The problem governments have when censoring the Internet is that it robs the option to surf the web and research things. If a country censored it’s population’s Internet e.g. China, it would face huge amounts of unrest and the government popularity would decrease majorly. The ability for anyone to be able to publish anything online without barriers resulted in a large amount of information which could not only be incorrect but also could be criminal, discriminatory or offensive if it were available to the general population. This sort of information would not usually be widely published via offline channels, but with the invention of the Internet it is easily accessible by anyone like never before, and this is quite dangerous.
Within certain country’s, the Inter...

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... even exist in a library take now only take minutes to research from your own home. The internet practically removes the hassle of driving to a library single handedly because there is such a large community that are always adding to the huge stockpile of information. Most of the bad things brought on by the Internet already existed previously, such as "adult content". While the Internet has made it much more straight forward to find these adult materials and fall into traps set by predators, it barely discovered and put into practice the idea of children looking at adult content. Children were acquiring adult magazines from random places decades before they downloaded pictures and looked at them on the Internet. The main point is that someone would be able to make a bomb from scratch without the internet, the only thing the internet does is speed this process up.

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