Essay on Has Society Really Been Desegregated?

Essay on Has Society Really Been Desegregated?

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Has Society really been desegregated?
Throughout the 20th century people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many other advocates of desegregation in society have stood for the togetherness of all races. In society, depending on who he or she is, he or she may tell you that segregation doesn’t exist anymore and that our society is heading in the right direction. He or she may be right to a certain extent, but take a moment and think about whom your main group of friends is, what type of people reflects your religious settings, and what cultural background reflects the main group of people at your work place. Our society may seem right but has totally reversed in terms of cultural diversity in every aspect of our lives. Every race is categorized for being and doing something that may seem to help or hinder society. From where I grew up in society, the world portrayed to me to look like the white community was in charge and had his or her life well organized, the black community was either going to jail, working a job to get by, or get a sports scholarship, and the Spanish community we...

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