Essay on Has a Cure for Diabetes been Discovered yet?

Essay on Has a Cure for Diabetes been Discovered yet?

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Diabetes has been around since the begining of humans. From the lack of communication and knowledge of the disease it is not know where it first happened. It is said that diabetes was a term first used by Apollonus as early as 250 B.C.. The term was not recorded but spread and was used to describe the mysterious disease. Diabetes was recorded as Diabete in English for the first time in 1425. It wasnt until 1675, when Thomas Wills mixed mellitus into the term diabetes because of the sweetness of the urine. Treatments to this disease were not known at the time and Thomas Wills dedicated himself to find the treatment (2). Aretaeus, an ancient Physician, saw diabetes symptoms but could not treat it effectively.
Aretaeus's diagnosis of diabetes was
"...For fluids do not remain in the body, but use the body only as a channel through which they may flow out. Life lasts only for a time, but not very long. For they urinate with pain and painful is the emaciation. For no essential part of the drink is absorbed by the body while great masses of the flesh are liquefied into urine."

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