Essay on The Harvard Business School Case Study Silvio Napoli At Schindler India

Essay on The Harvard Business School Case Study Silvio Napoli At Schindler India

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The Harvard Business School case study Silvio Napoli at Schindler India summarizes the various problems and issues facing Schindler India regarding its entrance into the new foreign market, India. Schindler Holdings Ltd. is a Swiss-based manufacturer of escalators and elevators which is looking for potentially entering into the Indian elevator market. Main executive committee members predicted that the Indian industry showed great promise in terms of future growth potential. The company’s objective was to manufacture standardized elevators at a cost lower than current customized elevator market. Silvio Napoli, who is vice president of Schindler in Asia, was chosen to lead the new entry into India. To successfully enter and penetrate the Indian market, Silvio and company needed to consider a variety of factors like but not limited to: mode of entry and type of strategy to implement, organizational structure, outsourcing and logistics approaches, marketing, and domestic and global hiring procedures. Concurrently, Schindler India needed to deliberate on what were the ideal international strategic tactic appropriate to the market environment in which they intended to enter, laws set by governments, strategic positioning, targeting, and product development, supply chain value management, effectiveness and efficiency of logistics, and potentially managing HR problems such as cultural navigation and other differences. The subsequent major issues will be discussed in this analysis; (1) Silvio Napoli’s fit as the general manager of Schindler India operation by assessing his strengths and weaknesses and (2) the overall evaluation of Silvio’s performance during his eight months as general manager of Schindler India, including the way he set ...

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... a foreign market such as legal, political, environmental, economical and social factors. It is significant to really acknowledge how the factors influence a company’s business plan, rules, and the strategies needed to successfully enter a new market. Furthermore, I understood that insignificant planning and assumptions are expensive. It is crucial for companies to do their work, in addition to engaging experts who possess a verified track record and solid reputation offering guidance on how to conduct business in new and foreign markets.
Additionally, several lessons may be learnt from this case. For instance, cultural differences can be more stimulating and challenging than predicted. One must acknowledge that culture values be significantly different which in turn can generate conflicts and creates the need for an action plan to address issues as they take place.

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