Harry Truman 's Moral Decision Theory Essay

Harry Truman 's Moral Decision Theory Essay

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President Biography
Harry Truman known as for having a heroic presidency served our country as the 33rd president of the United States after the death of Franklin Roosevelt in April. Truman only had a high school education and was only vice president for 82 days before the passing of FDR. He had inherited the huge tasks of leading the United States through the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. Truman’s legacy as the nation’s leader is on point of controversial decisions.
Harry Truman applied utilitarian and Kantian principles in his ethical behavior. He was not one who wanted to have long meetings, he hated them, and most of his meetings did not last longer than 20 minutes. Truman always internally debated big decisions, facts, details and planning was very important to him, and when we felt that he was morally correct he was unshakable.
Rational Decision Theory
The rational decision theory is a method for thoroughly selecting among possible choices that are built on reasoning and facts. With a decision, making process one may employ a series of logical steps to overview relevant facts, observations, and potential outcomes before choosing a specific course of action.
WWII Ending
On May 8, 1945 Germany had surrendered, it was obvious that the Soviet Union intended to continue to occupy Eastern Europe and maintain control of the Eastern portion of Germany. In the month of July, Truman met with the Stalin at the Potsdam Conference to go over this situation and other issues he wanted to discuss, however there were no resolutions to these issues. During the meeting, Truman gave the go ahead to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Truman had no intentions if raising the subject of the atomic diplomacy at...

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... ended up with a win for Harry Truman with the Cold War.

Civil Rights
With Harry’s support of civil rights for African Americans is a perfect example of Kantian theory. Truman believed that those mistreated of any group of society is not supported because it violates the development of the community. Discrimination even against minority by a majority, it cannot be accepted as a universal principle; by this reverse it would never be acceptable. Former president Lincoln has made it clear that, as he would not be a slave so he would not be a master. By this, he claimed that he would never take advantage of someone for his or her mark in society. With a part of the Civil Rights program Truman unified armed forces, he fought for the passing of anti-lynching laws and was the first president to address the National Association for Advancement of Colored people.

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