Harry S. Truman's Accomplishments: Dessegregation and Hiroshima Essays

Harry S. Truman's Accomplishments: Dessegregation and Hiroshima Essays

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The actions and decisions made by the United States President, leader of the free world, are subject to be analyzed, scrutinized, and debated for the rest of eternity. These decisions are how that man will be judged. Out of the 44 men to hold this honored position, one man, Harry S. Truman, made several proclamations such as the institution of Desegregation in the US Military, the dropping the atomic bombs, and the declaration of the Martial Law, which forever changed our society and the world as we know it.
One of Truman’s greatest accomplishments is when he desegregated the Armed Services. Throughout history, African Americans have fought side by side with Honor, Courage, and Commitment, but were never recognized for the role that they provided. On July 26th, 1948, Truman would make a decision that would effect how the Armed Services would operate even to current day. He did this by issuing Executive Order 9981, which ordered the end of segregation throughout the Armed Services and would create the Fahy Committee to oversee the process of desegregation. This order would cause great confusion and political outbreaks throughout the services. For example Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington and Secretary of the Navy John L. Sullivan would be in favor on the order and would construct a plan to integrate the Navy and Air Force. On the other hand, Secretary of the Army Kenneth Royall would be against the immediate desegregation of the Army which would lead to the proposal of an integrated unit for testing purposes. As a result of all the contradiction between the services, the Fahy called their first Committee meeting with the President and Secretaries of the Armed Services present. During the committee President Tru...

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... Hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by his decisions throughout his career as President, and his integrity as a president will be remembered by his actions as president throughout time.

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