Harry Potter - Original Writing

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Over the course of my life, I’ve been introduced to many series. Some were long, some were short, some were made into movies and some weren’t. But no matter what, for as long was I can remember, I have loved Harry Potter. First being introduced to the series though the movie variation when I was four, this fantasy world became my second home. I saw the characters grow as my brother grew along with them. As my eleventh birthday drew closer and closer, I truly anticipated an owl to appear at my window with my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, only to be let down as the date passed. But now I know that I did attend Hogwarts, I just did it through the eyes of others. At first, it was only by the brilliant cinematography and witty lines of the characters that I was entranced. I was only four at the time, how could I read a book with seventeen chapters when I could barely keep up with The Poky Little Puppy. As I grew older, I fell in love with the characters and their individual stories. Harry and his internal struggle to be the wizard everyone expects him to be. Ron and his want to live up to his House’s values of loyalty and bravery. But Hermione is the character who stuck with me the most. As I was ridiculed by the other students in my school for my looks and brains (at the time we lived in Hawaii), Hermione was my shining light in the dark. She may have looked less than attractive, but what eleven to fourteen year old doesn’t? And what did looks matter when she was the smartest of the famous trio, constantly saving the boys with her vast knowledge of the wizarding world. She was everything that I aspired to, and she would remain my foremost role model until my sophomore year of high school, when I was introduced to even stronger femal... ... middle of paper ... ...ld and within themselves. A perseverance that I now carry within myself instead the anger I held before. Through my life, I have had many struggles. None of them as monumental as defeating an evil wizard, but those struggles were herculean nonetheless. Without the series that shaped my childhood, I feel that I would not have managed my life half so well. It was due to the golden trio that I owe many of my accomplishments. Whether it be my thirst for knowledge from my desire to be as great as Hermione, or the reconciliation that I can overcome anything just as my favorite characters did, Harry Potter has shaped how I live my life. From that, I cannot express just how great the series impact has been, both in myself and in my love of reading. With no other series have I been able to connect to the characters, and that why Harry Potter has influenced my love of reading.
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