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Harry Potter And The Philosopher 's Stone Essay

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J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is written about an 11 year old boy, Harry Potter; a wizard who learns and grows into his position as a hero in the wizarding world, all while fighting against his enemy, and the wizarding world’s enemy, Voldemort. Harry’s character is set against a major feat throughout the novel in his effort to meet the expectations of the wizarding world as their hero. Harry is humble, and adventurous but lacks guidance in his role as a hero, a wizard, and a young boy. Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has a strong role in supporting Harry as the guide and protector he does not have. Dumbledore’s role in Harry’s life is essential to the growth of Harry’s character development. Without Dumbledore’s assistance throughout the events of the novel, Harry would struggle to meet the wizarding world’s expectations and his own. Dumbledore helps prepare Harry for his fame and potential heroic roles in the wizarding world, he allows Harry to learn from his mistakes, and he is honest with Harry; proving that he trusts Harry and believes he is capable of handling his role as a hero. Dumbledore’s patient and honest approach with Harry is good in helping Harry learn and succeed as the heroic character in the wizarding world.
Dumbledore’s responsibility as Harry’s guide and protector is to ensure that Harry is prepared for his future. After the death of his parents Harry becomes an orphaned baby and Dumbledore’s first concern, as Harry’s protector, is to ensure the safety of Harry. Dumbledore decides to leave Harry with his only living relatives, the Dursleys, because he believes “it’s the best place for [Harry]” (15). This decision by Dumbledore proves that he is tak...

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...a beautiful and terrible thing” (Rowling 216) but that “[he] shall not, of course, lie” (Rowling 216). Dumbledore does not shy away from explaining that Quirrell could not touch Harry’s skin because “love as powerful as [Harry’s] mother’s for [Harry] leaves its own mark” (Rowling 216). He answered Harry’s questions about the invisibility cloak, and Voldemort; also explaining to Harry about the animosity Snape has towards Harry. Dumbledore explained that Harry’s father saved Snape’s life and this debt was something “Snape could never forgive” (217) but hoped to repay by trying to protect Harry throughout his first year in Hogwarts. This honest conversation between Harry and Dumbledore allows the reader an opportunity to understand that Dumbledore’s role is not only to physically protect Harry, but to trust and be honest with Harry so that Harry can protect himself.

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