Harry Belafonte: What good is a Conscience if it is not Awakened Essay

Harry Belafonte: What good is a Conscience if it is not Awakened Essay

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I will always hold in my heart a state of conscious revere for those people who blazed the trails for equality whether it was for: race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation or women, men and children; Harry Belafonte is one of those individuals whom has inspired me do better and fight the for the rights of my fellow human beings.
“ Can I tell you something there’s a lot people out here who are pissed off! We are angry were upset we are sad, we hold our children, wheel our wheel chairs we look around for some comfort and we don’t find any! Well we have to look to ourselves cause I think the last frontier of truth and hope in this country is for people themselves. Somewhere in this moment my soul, somewhere in this moment all that I had known all that I had felt all that I had experienced commanded me to say what do you do now…?” Harry Belafonte (Harry Belafonte Sing Your Song: What good is a Conscience if it is not Awakened)
Mr. Belafonte was born in Harlem, his father left soon after he was born leaving his mother no choice but to send he and his brother to Jamaica. She encouraged them to never get up in the morning without a purpose and to always fight injustice. His early memories of that time were the family taking he and his brother to the local market where they witnessed the poverty and injustices, which occurred there. The people sung native songs that later influenced his music career and inspired his philanthropy.
As young man he joined the U.S Army fought and for his country. When he returned to his civilian life it was obvious that he was not held in the same regard as his fellow white comrades with whom he had fought alongside. It was a shock to his sense of self that he was not entitled to the same free...

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...East. His fight for human rights spans more than sixty years and is still going strong today.
The mission as a goodwill ambassador not only rings truth across the globe but also in the inner cities of the U.S where Harry Belafonte stands a proud supporter of youth programs and forums of which he is an organizer and speaker. He has implemented forums for the youth to have a voice one very famous on called
Harry Belafonte holds in his lion heart a purpose that I am lucky to be affected by deeply. He inspires me to raise my voice above the crowd with a battle cry that I will not stand for injustice to anyone no matter their background. I am inspired to tell you about his work because everyone should know about his amazing accomplishments; and the things he is still doing today to drastically change perspective with respect to human rights at a Federal level.

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