Essay on Harry and Taran: True Heroes

Essay on Harry and Taran: True Heroes

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Heroes are seen as brave, superior, courageous, important, leaders that seek victory against evil or as someone who saves the day and does good deeds. Harry and Taran are two young boys who inherit these traits along with others that may make you question their heroicness. Though these boys share many similar traits they also have a great deal of differences, all of which make them the true heroes they are.
Both boys are young ordinary eleven year olds whose lives have not been very extraordinary. Neither were born heroes, as they grew up in orphanages not knowing who their real parents were. Having such a low key upbringing are a result in how each boy made many mistakes and broke the rules during their journeys. Though each mistake had always became settled and organized, and most of the rule breaking came from them trying to do the right thing. The first time Harry and Taran were both seen as sort of heroic was when each tried to save a girl, Harry when saving Hermione from the troll and Taran when saving Eilonwy in the tunnel. After Taran saved Eilonwy she thanks him for saving...

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