Harriet Tubman : Walk to Freedom Essay examples

Harriet Tubman : Walk to Freedom Essay examples

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Imagine a girl and her two little brothers, toes on the edge of the sidewalk; children trying to cross a street. As a big sister, she must go first. She takes a few steps ever so carefully, looking both ways, showing her younger brothers the way. She makes it to the other side of the street then turns to wave them over, telling them to follow exactly what she did and they too would make it across safely. The two little boys take a few steps just like their sister had done, looking both ways, but they are very scared. There are cars coming and they feel they might not make it in time, so they hurry back to the safe side of the street that they had first been on. After the first try, the boys are too frightened to try again by themselves, so their older sister crosses the street again, takes the boys by the hands and leads them to the other side. That is exactly how Harriet Tubman lived her life. During her first plan to escape slavery, she went on her way with two of her brothers. Harriet reached safety, but her brothers had turned back halfway to freedom. After that incident, Harriet Tubman devoted her life to helping slaves cross the street to freedom.
THESIS With a past childhood surrounded with slavery, Harriet Tubman grew up with the need to make a difference; after years of smuggling slaves to freedom, her impact on antislavery changed the nation.

Topic Sentence 1
• After the combining of two plantations, two slaves had a child that would one day change the face of slavery completely.
• When two slave owners, Pattison Brodess and Anthony Thompson, got married, their plantations combined bringing two of their slaves together. Eventually the slaves got married as well and had a child.

Harriet Tubman was born in ...

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