Harriet Tubman: The Issues to Stood Up For Essay

Harriet Tubman: The Issues to Stood Up For Essay

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Harriet was very instrumental for abolishing slavery in the 1800’s. When Harriet Tubman was younger she went through tough times with her family. She was always around violence but this made her a stronger person. Escaping from her plantation, Harriet found her way to Philadelphia and found work there to raise money for freeing slaves. She was the conductor of the Underground Railroad and she led hundreds of slaves to freedom. Harriet was put in danger by leading slaves through the Underground Railroad. Even after escaping herself, she came back for her family and friends to get them out. One thing that Harriet was also known for was public speaking. She was a very dynamic public speaker and she traveled around the country to speak out in favor of women’s voting right. Harriet Tubman is an amazing woman who risked her own life to save others.
Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland in 1820. She was born under the name Araminta Ross but then later changed her name when she got married to John Tubman in 1844. Being one of nine children in her family, she didn’t get very much attention as a child. Harriet experienced a lot of physical violence in her childhood also. When she was 12 years old she was hit with a 2 pound iron weight in the head. This caused her to have periodic seizures for her whole life. In 1849, Harriet was going to be sold from the plantation, but she escaped before anyone saw her. She walked miles in the darkness by herself and finally arrived in Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, Harriet worked and saved her money to help free slaves. In 1850, she came back to Maryland and led her sister and her sisters’ two children to freedom and soon after that she went back for her brother and two other men. When she came back for her...

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