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Harriet Tubman And The World Essay

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Araminta Russ, who is better known as Harriet Tubman to the world, was born a slave in 1820, in Dorchester County, Maryland. As a child Harriet Tubman worked very hard due to her strength, she was trusted by her master often times she worked in the homes and the field. When helping another slave she suffered from an incident when an overseer threw a heavy object at her. This caused her to have seizures and bad headaches, she would also drift to sleep for long periods of time. In 1844, she married John Tubman. Tubman was a free African American man.
Harriet Tubman had a vision to become free, she would stop at nothing to become free. She expressed her views with John who clearly though she was delusional; he believed that she should stay and continue being a slave. Harriet Tubman knew that it was more to life than slavery in 1849, Harriet escaped and started her journey to freedom. Harriet Tubman knew the dangers of escaping to freedom, however she knew her purpose for the future. On her journey to freedom she built powerful relationships with Fredrick Douglass and John Brown. Those individuals helped shaped and showed support to her on her journey not only through the Underground Railroad but the Civil War.
Harriet Tubman started on her journey to freedom with her brothers Harry and Ben. However, a reward was set for them and the brothers returned. Harriet kept it moving on the path to freedom. In order for Harriet to help rescue others she had to experience freedom on her own before helping free her people. Harriet Tubman wanted to achieve the goal of freedom for herself and her people. Through her learning of freedom ...

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...t went south. Brown held sixty people hostage, however the news reached out and America sent in the army. Brown was wounded and captured alive, ten men were killed, including two of his sons, six were captured and five escaped. Brown was tried for treason and hanged. Brown was said to be very powerful and was respected by his efforts of trying to basically wanting to overthrow the government, making it a black society. Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass would not consume in this behavior. They felt as if there people should receive freedom and their rights but not like this. She also was a role model for the Civil War. Harriet Tubman accomplished what she set out to be changing America’s history forever. Her road map for people shaped us to be what we are today and helped pave America on a set for freedom, and making sure all people are heard.

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