Essay about Harriet Tubman And Extraordinary Heroine

Essay about Harriet Tubman And Extraordinary Heroine

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Harriet Tubman was one of the intensely influential figures of the United States’ history.
Harriet was and extraordinary heroine. Born onto a plantation in Maryland, Harriet grew as she functioned under the harsh living conditions that all slaves lived by. An uncountable amount of events occurred over the next several years; nevertheless, Harriet finally found some relief. She met a man by the name of John Tubman. John brought boundless joy to Harriet. Their loving relationship eventually led to a wonderful wedding. Soon later, John and Harriet found that they frequently fought with each other. Due to these constant fights, Harriet ran off and tried to escape slavery. On her way she met Thomas Garrett, a Quaker who lived in Delaware at the time. This man introduced Harriet to the Underground Railroad. Harriet used this information to free her and several other slaves.
Harriet Ross was born on a plantation in Maryland. Her sister, Tilly, and she worked as slaves with the assistance of their parents. They grew up together until Tilly was sold to another plantation, this made Harriet extremely distraught. Harriet’s life became increasingly darker after this. A slave overseer had seen Harriet slowing down during her work which enabled him to hurl a brick toward her head. This caused serious brain trauma for Harriet’s life. Due to this act by the overseer, Harriet prayed for death to strike the slave master. Harriet did this out of a pure fit of enragement. She did not expect her request to be fulfilled; nonetheless, the master acquired scarlet fever and died soon after. Harriet begged for forgiveness from god. She would blame herself for the rest for the rest of her days if she was not forgiven. Under immense pressure and stress, Har...

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...ted from her efforts. Soon later, Harriet and her group reached the bridge that would lead them to Canada. They all crossed it together and reached proudly reached their seemingly impossible dream.
Harriet Tubman was (and still is) one of the most influential and brave figure that the United States has seen. She freed a countless amount of slaves and somehow managed to never lose one to slave patrollers. All of her heroic acts were performed with a brain injury that affected her for the rest of her life. She had the courage and determination to take a stand and be different form every other slave. Harriet was one of the few slaves that knew that this was not the way to be treated; nobody should be discriminated for something that they cannot change. Harriet Tubman changed the United States forever. She brought this thought of ending segregation into everyone’s mind.

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