Harriet Tubm A American Figure Essay

Harriet Tubm A American Figure Essay

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When one thinks of slavery in America, Harriet Tubman’s name often comes to mind. She is credited for risking her life to help slaves who were running away from their masters. She was an abolitionist and a conductor for the Underground Railroad which was a system of escape routes for runaway slaves. She accomplished much during a time in history when women and minorities were seen as inferior to men. School children often hear her name mentioned during Black History Month, and movies and documentaries have been made about her. Like Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks, Tubman is held in high regard by people of color. Some historians have questioned whether or not all commonly known stories about Harriet Tubman are true. Have people been somewhat overzealous with the accolades given to her? When one differentiates facts from fiction, it can be argued that Harriet Tubman is still a praiseworthy American figure deserving of an honored place in history.
There are several facts about Harriet Tubman’s life that are well documented. Lois E. Horton reported that Dorchester County Maryland would serve as her place of birth. Although historians disagree concerning the exact date of Tubman’s birth, it is believed she was born in the early 1820s. The reason for this discrepancy is likely due to the fact that accurate slave records were not always kept. Harriet, her parents, and her siblings were slaves on a plantation located in the eastern region of Maryland. Tubman’s daytime tasks included housework and weaving. At night, young Harriet looked after the master’s small children. Another well known fact ...

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...he might not have proofread her writings for accuracy.
Like George Washington and Davy Crocket, Harriet Tubman has been adored by many. Harriet devised crafty plans to help slaves escape. She volunteered her services in the Underground Railroad which was the network that helped slaves become free. She was a great humanitarian. She created a home for older freed slaves to live in. If you remove the fiction, Tubman 's true achievements will shine through. Harriet Tubman does deserve an honored place in history.


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