The Harper Government’s Abuse of Ideology Essay

The Harper Government’s Abuse of Ideology Essay

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Our Canadian federal political system is predicated on the existence of a variety of parties which operate under their respective ideologies. There are the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, the Greens, the Marxists and a number of smaller parties. Arguably, this multi-party system is helpful to voters in determining for whom to cast their ballots. Our system allows us to vote for the group that most aligns with the ideology that we have developed as a result of our values and beliefs. Oxford Dictionaries defines ideology as a “system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic and political theory and policy.” Ideology forms a foundation for understanding the world and deciding what our priorities are as a society. The Harper Government operates with a Neoconservative ideology that supports limited government involvement in regulating the economy, limited social welfare, maintenance of traditional values and strong law and order. Though all parties operate from an ideological foundation, the Harper Government seems to be especially focused on dogma that is not amenable to change; this, however, is based on the idea that if social change should happen, it must be slow. This is not very practical in leading a diverse and changing electorate but does resonate with a fair portion of Canadians and, thus, translates to success in Canadian politics. Wente points out how Conservatives are more successful in politics by appealing to a large number of God-fearing Canadians who believe in loyalty, authority and punishment rather than harm-reduction and fairness. About 25% of the Canadian population, based on the federal Conservatives’ nearly 40% share of the approximately 60% of eligible citizens who v...

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