Harmony Cushion: Recommended Item for a Patient Essay

Harmony Cushion: Recommended Item for a Patient Essay

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Client and Activity

Jaime, a 38-year-old female, lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment on rent. She has chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis with multiple deformities and joint fusions in her hand and upper extremities causing muscle weakness and range of motion limitations. Jaime utilizes a manual wheelchair and can stand with support for only about 2 minutes. She reports, “not being able to make a full fist” and trouble gripping objects from various surfaces. She has 90 degrees of shoulder flexion and 75 degrees of abduction on both sides.
Since Jaime’s condition presents with limited mobility, washing dishes is difficult. The sink in her apartment is too high, leveling with her chin and far for her to reach from her wheelchair. She considered using a bar stool to increase her reach, but worries about the risk of falling when transferring from her wheelchair. Jaime cannot afford any “hi-tech” AT solutions, but is willing to negotiate with management regarding required home modifications to allow her to participate in dishwashing.
Harmony Cushion by ROHO
The Harmony Cushion has a pre-contoured foam base with an air cushion overlay to provide a lightweight, stable, and comfortable solution addressing Jamie’s difficulties in reach. The cushion’s weight is 1.25 lbs and is easily transportable. Placed on Jamie’s wheelchair seat, the air-filled cushion can be inflated to reach a maximum height of 4.50” providing Jamie with increased reach for dishwashing. To help with the distance discrepancy between Jamie and the sink, Jamie can open the cabinet door under the sink to bring her wheelchair closer. The air-filled cushion can also be adjusted for extended use by letting out some of the air when performing daily tasks not requiring ...

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...ightweight and easy to operate. The cushion forms to Jamie’s wheelchair seat making the solution comfortable, portable, and secure. The device fits into Jamie’s natural environment and can be used for other activities requiring increased seated height she would like to participate in. I would recommend the Harmony Cushion by ROHO for Jamie based the information provided regarding her abilities and needs to accomplish dishwashing independently.

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