Harmless Entertainment? The Idea of Love In Hollywood Essay

Harmless Entertainment? The Idea of Love In Hollywood Essay

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Are you a hopeless romantic, waiting around for the right girl or guy to come around and make sense of your world? Well, maybe you’ve been watching too many romance movies. Hollywood presents love as a feeling, one that most teenagers confuse with infatuation and lust. Movies like The Notebook create a false view of what love looks like and many teenagers lose the opportunity to find love because they are waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet and kiss them in the rain while the background music slowly plays; but there are movies out there that do give us a pretty realistic view of what love looks like without having to showcase any nudity or sexual scenes. I wish to contrast the differences between the movie The Notebook and Fireproof along with their affects on teenagers. Most teenagers have learned to handle heated situations in the manor in which they have seen presented in movies. Dr. O’Hara, a researcher at the University of Missouri, studied the behavior patterns of 1,200 teens for six years and he found that the teens that watched suggestive movies tended to be more sexually active and have a more casual view on sex than those that were not exposed to as much media (Hagelin 2). What if Hollywood made more movies that focused on wholesome values and principles? In this paper I challenge the parents of teenagers to take off the blindfolds and help their teens to find a balance between these fantasies that Hollywood presents and reality, and I believe that Hollywood could play a role in reshaping the mindsets of teenagers.

The Notebook begins with an elderly man telling an elderly lady in the nursing home the story of a rich girl, names Allie who meets a poor boy, named Noah and falls head over heels in love. The...

... middle of paper ...

... such as integrity, honesty, and loyalty.

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