Essay on Harmful Effects Of Smoking On The Body

Essay on Harmful Effects Of Smoking On The Body

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Smoking Areas Are Beneficial
Cigarettes are damaging to the whole body. It can lead to harmful diseases such as cardiovascular disease, which causes heart conditions. Second-hand smoke is caused by smoking, which can harm children and adults that inhale or exhale smoke that surrounds them. Many parks, school games, and restaurants have banned smoking because of the harmful effects of smoking. This allows an environment for smokers and non-smokers to enjoy fresh air, instead of opaque smoke. Many workplaces do not have a designated smoke area for its employees, which can create an unappealing workplace. Workplaces should offer a designated smoking area.
Firstly, a designated smoking area will provide a safe environment for smokers and non-smokers. Workplaces with flammable equipment are safer and less likely to be caught on fire. With designated areas, lighting up a cigarette will be more acceptable away from the production building. The reason why it would be safer is because most of the buds will be in the designated area away from the building with flammable equipment that could put to risk the lives of the employees. On many instances, cigarettes do not always cause fires near workplaces, but accidents happen and precautions can be taken to prevent it. It is better to be safe than sorry because cigarettes will still contain a flame if it is not put out correctly. As a result, second hand smoke will not be a big issue towards non-smokers that could interfere with their job duties. Most of the smokers will smoke outside in the designated area because most workplaces do not allow smoking in the building. However, elements such as wind can interfere with the second hand smoke. It is inevitable to control the winds direction. On...

... middle of paper ... By constructing a designated smoking area, it would represent the workplace high professionalism. Some people that disagree may say that, but when smokers gather to the area to smoke it can be unappealing if it is visible to the costumers. However, most of the smoking areas are located away from the building usually in the back of the business away from the costumers. In all, specific smoking areas benefit not only the smokers, but also the costumers and the business.
To conclude, it is reasonable for workplaces to invest in having a designated smoking area. It provides safety to the employees, allows the smoker to smoke freely away from others, and it benefits the workplace professionalism and cleanliness. Designated smoking areas can improve situations rather than destruct because it can prevent second hand smoke that is harmful to every one of all ages.

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