The Harmful Effects Of Illegal Drug Use Essay

The Harmful Effects Of Illegal Drug Use Essay

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RITTMAN DISTRICT — Rittman police officer Howard McComas has witnessed firsthand the harmful effects of illegal drug use. On several occasions he has administered a drug to counteract heroin overdoses.
McComas probably saved lives when he gave naloxone to people who overdosed, but he is also hoping to save the lives of the city’s youngsters through his efforts as the DARE instructor in an effort to keep them from taking illegal drugs and other destructive behaviors.
More than a decade ago, the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program was criticized for not being an effective way to deal with rising illegal drug use among teens, but changes made to the program a number of years ago broadened its scope and its results.
At Rittman Elementary School’s DARE graduation ceremony recently, a handful of fifth-grade students read their essays about what they learned in the program. Their experiences reflected the wide range of issues that have been part of the expanded curriculum since the changes of 2009, namely the ill effects of illegal drug use, how drinking alcohol impairs judgment,...

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