The Harmful Effects Of E Cigarettes Essay

The Harmful Effects Of E Cigarettes Essay

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Have you ever tried the popular e-cigarettes? What do you think of them? Most people assume that e-cigarettes are not only safe because they produce vapor without burning tobacco, but also beneficial because people who don’t want to quit smoking can have the same pleasure with less harm by using e-cigarettes as alternatives for tobacco. Even though e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, smokers consume more e-cigarettes in the long run because of the concept of e-cigarettes being less harmful. E-cigarettes are bad for smokers because they contain lots of harmful chemicals and the lack of regulation of e-cigarettes can lead to more dangers for smokers.

The profit of e-cigarettes has attracted many companies to enter the market of e-cigarettes. An American called Herbert A. Gilbert invented the first cigarette device that uses the nicotine solution to produce vapor and he got a patent for it in 1963. However, it was never produced by industry to make profit. In 2003, an inventor from China called Hon Lik produced the first modern cigarette, the e-cigarette, which has a cartridge containing nicotine that can be vaporized by heat (Taylor, 2015). In 2004, e-cigarettes were presented and sold in the market in China. Even though many people thought about the prohibition of e-cigarettes, they were still legal. International companies found out the huge profit behind the industry of e-cigarettes so that a large portion of e-cigarettes were imported to the United States. E-cigarettes were sold through the internet and people could access them easily. Many e-cigarette companies advertised their brands so that the market became extremely competitive. E-cigarettes also were taking over the market of conventi...

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...beneficial. E-cigarettes can cause potential risks by products themselves and the dual-use of smokers. Additionally, e-cigarettes are far less regulated than conventional cigarettes. Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are more dangerous because they are used more as smokers perceive e-cigarettes as less harmful products. However, e-cigarettes companies still need more time to make their products to become better with more research. Just because they are not good for people doesn’t mean they don’t have a bright future. Someday, e-cigarettes may be no harm at all and become an alternative to help people quit smoking real cigarettes because the concentration of nicotine in e-cigarettes can gradually decrease so that people can give up cigarettes easily. Scientists need to do more research and the government should impose more regulations for e-cigarettes.

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