Harley Davidson Motorcycle Swot Analysis Essay

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Swot Analysis Essay

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle SWOT
“Harley Davidson motorcycle was established in 1903” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by William S. Harley and the Davidson brothers. Within a few years both the demand and growth kept increasing in 1907 they begun to advertise. A couple of years later Harley Davidson came out with the V-twin engine that could reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour (Peter & Donnelly Jr, 2013, p. 629).
The mission of Harley Davidson motorcycles is to give people the exceptional personal experience of freedom on the road.
Political Factors That Help Harley Davidson Expansion
A super demand for the Harley Davidson motorcycle occurs during the onset of world war 1 in 1920 when 20,000 of the corporation machines commissioned by the U.S military. However, after the war, there was still a demand for the motorcycle by the army and other branches of government, such as the police and the U.S postal services.
Next gigantic order for the Harley Davidson Motorcycle happened when world war II took place. The U.S military again came to Harley-Davidson to manufacture Motorcycle for the military. Because of massive demand, Harley Davidson turned it entire operation over to working to produce 100,000 machines to be used overseas. After the war, consumers had money to spend for recreational vehicles. Therefore, to meet the demand for more motorcycle, the organization expanded their manufacturing capabilities.

Political Interventions to Save the Business
Given their great potential for profit, the American Machine and Foundry purchased them in 1969. Shortly after AMF acquisition, they drastically increased the production to about 75,000 units’ yearly. Regrettably, the quality declined to the point that over half the cycles came off the li...

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...orcycle. Also, anyone can attend the Harley-Davidson museums and learn more about the history of Harley-Davidson. Plus, there are shopping centers and other stores that sell items with the Harley-Davidson name on them. Every time I see a person wearing a Harley Davidson T-shirt, it makes me thinks about the American made motorcycle.

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