The Harlem Children 's Zone Case Study Essay

The Harlem Children 's Zone Case Study Essay

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This paper will evaluate the Harlem Children’s Zone case study through the lens of the ARPP model and its characteristics. It will discuss the application of planning questions about feasibility, personnel, and scope based upon the action research text; subsequently, a discussion will be presented about the application of strategic improvement. Lastly, it will assess the effect of the Harlem Children’s Zone case study as it is a collaborative government-education effect that could affect the globalization for future planning.
Theoretical Models of Action Research
The Harlem Children’s Zone case study provided a purpose for action; subsequently, there was a plan to implement practical solutions to the problems that had been the focus of the Harlem Children’s Zone case study (Stringer, 2014). The purposed for the case study was identified as the need for children to be surrounded by a critical mass of caring adults and to be exposed to sound health care, intellectual and social stimulation, and consistent guidance; subsequently, they would grow to healthy adults (Grossman & Curran, 2004).
Planning was an essential part of the Harlem Children’s Zone case study action plan. The Harlem Children’s Zone case study utilized the planning process outlined by Stringer; therefore, it identified priorities for action, developed action plans that incorporated sustainable solutions, it presented actions required to help eradicate the issues faced by the children of Harlem, there were specific programs developed to meet the goals, each program had specific tasks that help improve the lives of children, there were 450 employees that served over 8, 000 children and 5,000 adults through 12 interrelated programs in Central Harlem, preschool age...

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...ervices delivery and child advocacy across the country; henceforth, proving a connection between government and education (Grossman & Curran, 2004). This was based upon the social issues of Central Harlem and the lack of the population not completing high school (Grossman & Curran, 2004). The globalization for future planning was inhabited due to the need of

This paper evaluated the Harlem Children’s Zone case study through the lens of the ARPP model and its characteristics. It discussed the application of planning questions about feasibility, personnel, and scope based upon the action research text; subsequently, a discussion was presented about the application of strategic improvement. Lastly, it assessed the effect of the Harlem Children’s Zone case study as it was a collaborative government-education that affected future planning for globalization.

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