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Hinduism is recognized as the oldest religion and the third most popular in the world not only because its extended number of practitioners around the globe but also because the deeply influence that has created in other many religions. Hindus go to their Temple or Mandir, which is their place of worship in order to offer their prayers to their gods; every temple is dedicated to a specific deity or god. Different from other religions, Hinduism has no funder and its origins are not clearly defined. It is a religion based on myths, starring by several diverse gods and it is identified as a monotheistic religion regardless of having numerous gods. The explanation to this is that the followers of this religion consider all these gods as part of Brahma, who is the supreme god. For others, Krishna is very important god. The 5,000 years old Indian Vedic scriptures clearly describe the nature and identity of Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead (McPhee & Rigolot, 2011). Hare Krishna is the name for the International Society of Krishna Consciousness known as Iskon. Hare Krishna is a new religious movement based in Vaishnava Hinduism.

The Hare Krishna Cultural Center is a Hindu temple in Miami. The Hare Krishna Movement members follow the ancient scriptures of India, which are based principally on Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. These scripts have more than 5000 years and they are practiced by over 900 millions people at the present time. In July 2011, I attended to the Hare Krishna Cultural Center Hindu temple. The only information I knew previous this experience was just some essential understanding of Hinduism, but not sufficient to know what to expect in my first visit to a Hindu temple.
Undoubtedly, I was a...

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...environment of holiness, serenity and friendliness. It is totally beautiful to see the people dancing, chanting with all that love and happiness. I have always think we all need a place to get away from our routine, I can say the Hare Krishna Temple is that place to me.

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