The Hardware and Software of an Office

The Hardware and Software of an Office

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Offices require lots of different equipment, like computers, printers, routers, switches, and cables. You also need software to get your tasks done everyday, like productivity, communication, time management, and the specific type of software for the type of office. You need all these things to make your office run more smoothly and get your work done.
Computer hardware for an office consist of routers, switches, computers, servers and cables. Routers help computers share the internet line and depending on how many computers you have, depends on how many ports you will need (McKay, 2011). When you have lots of computers it might be a good idea to get more than one router to make sure all the computers work at its best (McKay, 2011)).
Another hardware you need is switches. You need these so you can “connect peripheral devices to computers on the network” according to McKay (2011). This is helpful so computers can use the same copier, printer, fax or scanner (McKay, 2011).
When you are getting hardware for your office you must have plenty of computers and also have a main computer server (McKay, 2011). “A server is the primary computer in the network, stores and transfers data to and from connected computers, and acts as a “clearing house” for all internet data traveling to and from the network” according to McKay (2011). It depends on how big the network is, if you need more than one server (McKay, 2011).
Another piece of equipment that you need for an office is cables. You need cables to connect all your equipment together (McKay, 2011). If you want your cables to last a long time then get the best cables (McKay, 2011).
There are many different types of software you need for an office. Software helps manage the office. The different software I’ll be talking about is productivity, communication, and time control softwares.
Productivity software is used to get tasks done at work and make work better(Fuller & Larson, 2011, p. 208). One of the types of productivity software is Word processing software, it is used to make different documents (Full & Larson, 2011, p. 208). Another type of productivity software is spreadsheet software. This software helps the officer stay organized and helps with any numerical information (Fuller & Larson, 2011, p. 214). “Database management systems create and manage a computerized database and produce reports from stored data” according to Fuller and Larson (2011, p.

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217-218). Databases programs include many features like sorting, finding, and querying. When sorting records it can be done alphabetically or numerically (Fuller & Larson, 2011, p. 219). Finding information can be done by looking up a number, a last name, or address (Fuller & Larson, 2011, p. 219). Fuller and Larson (2011) tell us that query is a way to search more into what we are looking for (p. 219).
Communications Software is another type of software used in the office. E-mail is a popular way to communicate between people. With e-mail you can send and receive messages much faster and less costly (Fuller & Larson, 2011, p. 235). Another way to communicate is Instant messaging software. You can send messages right at that moment (Fuller & Larson, 2011).
Another type of software that is good to have at an office is attendance software. The reason it is good to have this type of software is so you don’t have to spend so much time figuring out all the hours (Easy Clocking Time and Attendance Advanced Software, 2013). Another good reason to have this software is so you don’t overpay your employees (Easy Clocking Time and Attendance Advanced Software, 2013). Having this type of software will make it less stressful for the person dealing with payroll.
Scheduling software is useful in offices to keep appointments in order. Things can get out of control in an office and it is better to schedule everybody to keep peace in the office. Even though there is a lot of overlap because patients or clients ask a lot of questions sometimes, it still is helpful to try to keep some order.
There are lots of equipment that you need to run an office and lots of different software that you can get for an office. Offices need all this equipment and software to make the work day go better. I couldn’t image an office without any of this equipment.

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