Essay about The Hardships of Following Your Dreams and Immigration

Essay about The Hardships of Following Your Dreams and Immigration

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A New White Race
As an immigrant and divorce mother of two who comes to a foreign country pursuing a better future for my kids, I ignored the complexity of the factors that are required to fulfill my dreams. Moving from a socialistic culture to an individualistic one, being the last one, the culture that my kids are more likely to adopt I realized the importance to build a solid family, and I started looking for possible factors that might give me a clear view on how to achieve my quest. The first factor that I found interesting was the high percentage of single-parent families, and the almost extinct long-term marriages. I come from a country where long term marriages still prevalent, for that reason this observation shocked me the most. Another observation was the high-percentage of interracial marriages in Los Angeles, where I live, and the possible connection with the low percentage of racism in this state.

During the last fall, I read “Southland,” a book by Nina Revoyr.
The reading had an unexpected impact on me certainly for the way that some controversial social issues were presented. Those issues had a negative impact at that time because at that moment I was struggling to make a difficult decision about my personal life. After dating for three years a different ethnicity person, he asked me to start a family with him. My first response was no because I was afraid to experience some kind of discrimination from his family side or that he could suffer rejection from my family side. Parallel to my situation, my friend who had emigrated from Mexico was recovering from a five years long relationship that she had with a Mexican-American who decided to end the relationship with her because he married an American woman. My...

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Finally, I am really satisfied with my reflections and findings. After my research, I’ve been left with a lively desire to know more about sociology which studies the mass behavior of humans that is a puzzle, and how this science can be an important tool to better understand all the social problems that we have as a society. However, there are some other interesting questions that struck me in the process of my writing, and I would like to find about them sometime. As an immigrant, I know that I still having my country, but what happen to Afro- Americans? How do they feel to still being the minority in their own country? Does color really doesn’t matter?
Are most American teenagers expecting to marry Asian women? We are familiar with definitions such as: Afro- American, Hispano American, but is Asian American the new substitute for the new white race?

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