Essay about The Hardship of Haiti

Essay about The Hardship of Haiti

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Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean country that has had more than its fair share of hardship. A culture of strength and perseverance is evident from the moment one arrives and it only feels stronger the further one travels from Port au Prince. The people are of African descent, with a strong French influence creating a uniquely mixed culture that is rare in the western hemisphere. The business climate is such that there are very few foreign businesses or joint ventures in Haiti and although there are many historic reasons for that, there now sits immense opportunity. First-mover advantage is only an advantage if the first-mover is successful. A firm in the initial stages of market research into Haiti will be drawn to the dream of prosperity and growth in this relatively untapped market, but a great deal of focus must be given to the potential obstacles that lie hidden just out of sight. To get a clear picture of the hurdles that a firm may encounter during a market entry a great deal of research must be conducted and gathered in to all aspects of Haiti. Information is power and due to the relatively unknown market, these facts are paramount to any attempt at a successful venture there. Targeting the critical knowledge needed for careful scrutiny by a firm is crucial and finding the relevant data may prove arduous. Information researched through secondary research and first-hand accounts will provide this essential proficiency to be a success. A great deal of understanding into the Haitian culture and why it is the way it is today can be gleaned from analysing the tumultuous history of this country. A venture into uncharted water would be remiss in neglecting the cultural norms surrounding corruption and bribery, be it gov...

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