Hard Work : Experiences And Importance Of Hard Work Essay

Hard Work : Experiences And Importance Of Hard Work Essay

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Talent alone will allow someone to exercise any activity or subject that they are talented in, but the important factor that will get a person to achieve greatness is hard work. I have experienced this in sports, school work, and in life. My experiences and the examples of known Athletes and mathematicians have helped me understand the concept and importance of hard work over talent.
Most of my life I have been involved in a sport. During my youth, I could not decide on a single sport to dedicate my time to, so I played several. Every sport I practiced brought different workouts and required that I learn new abilities. As I came to see I was not talented at the new abilities needed to succeed in the new sport, but every time I tried something new I would have months of training and coaching before the first game. After the first game, I would realize that my hard work in the trainings allowed me to acquire new abilities and had made me seem as a talented player. Author Joseph Chris states this in his article “Natural talent vs Hard Work” “…hard-working individuals can develop a certain talent or skill, which can imply that natural gift is just the result of long and hard work.” Not only did I experience firsthand how hard work overcomes talent as Joseph articulates, but I also hear about how known athletes, whom I thought were naturally talented, struggled and also had to work hard to achieve greatness. An example is Michael Jordan, as the article hard work vs. Talent: The Eternal Debate states “Michael Jordan’s coach didn’t even think he deserved to be in his school’s top 10 players.” It was his hard work that landed him not only in his schools most talented but in the NBA’s Hall of Fame.
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... father was able to be an accountant for a government program. Talent does not hand out opportunities; hard works opens doors that lead to these opportunities.
Hard work creates the abilities someone possesses, gets someone past talented and into intellectual and achieves life goals. Talent is not enough to teach you a new sport or to make you good at it; as Chris declares “With regards to success, there are certain qualities that can hold greater value than talent alone, which are desire, persistence and hard work.” The talent someone has is not going to make a person intelligent the dedication and hard work will get the person to new levels of wisdom. Life is a battle to achieve personal goals, which can only be won by hard work at every aspect of it. Not only working hard at what you enjoy but also working hard at the obstacles that are put in front of someone.

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