Essay about Happy Place - Original Writing

Essay about Happy Place - Original Writing

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Happy Place
I think we all have a happy place we think of from time to time. For some people it may be a beach, mountains, or the deep green forests. To me my happy place is not like any of those such beautiful examples, but all of those magnificent examples all in one. For me it is such a silly, yet extraordinary place that it is unique and only mine. It all came about around eight months ago. I met a guy who at first didn’t seem to be my type, but decided to hang out with him anyway. Wow, looking back I am so glad I did. Each day we did something different and exciting at least for me. Up to that point I hadn’t had that much going on. I was hanging out with guy who seemed quite interested in me and each time we parted I was left wanting more. I started getting these weird feelings and these annoying goosebumps when he held my hand or gave me a smooch. One such evening that sticks out in my mind the most. We decided to go out to the movies to see a movie called Star Wars the Force Awakens. I pretended that I was interested, but soon became quite apparent that I was in a world that I didn’t know. He pretended not to notice to much which made me feel welcomed. To make matters worse during the movie I found my eyelids were to heavy and dozed out of reality on my new love interest. I felt even more embarrassed, but to my surprise he didn’t yell or get mad me at all which touched my heart. Still feeling self-reserved I was quite surprised that he still wanted to see me. As the next few weeks went by like the speed of light. We decide that we were going to take the next step and spend the night with one another. This is where I first came to find the most incredible feeling ever. I have found my happy place. What is my happy place some...

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...te content with my surroundings. All the day’s drama seems to be utterly wipe out and my mind is set free of the shackles that sometimes overtake my mind. Like a key to small door in my mind that is forced open and the warm sunlight filters in. During the day to day struggle I go through I long for this moment all day long and sometimes can’t wait to get there. As if the eye of the storm passes through at that precise moment as I am swept away to a state of dreamland. The morning sun rises and so does the day to day struggles of life come into play. I know no matter how bad the day’s struggles get I am reminded of the little things in life that we all live for and cherish. With each sunset brings the light of the moon into my bedroom and my future husband laying there beside me with his shirt off and I am swept into a state of bliss and nirvana called me happy place.

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