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Happy Birthday By Justin. Smith Essays

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“Happy birthday, Justin” Mrs. Smith exclaimed. “I can’t believe you’re already 12!”
“Yeah, I know mom,” Justin retorted a little too sharp.
“Wow are you okay? Is this about your friends not showing up? I thought they all got the letter,” Mrs. Smith stated perplexed.
“I’m okay. We just moved here, and I 'm the “freak,” the new guy.”
“Don 't say that, Justin,” Mr Smith responded finally looking up from sipping his Warming coffee and reading the newspaper. A few moments of awkward silence passed until Mrs. Smith broke the stillness by asking, “So do you want to open your presents from your relatives, the one from your aunt Sarah looks really big!”

A small feeling of bliss perked inside of Justin. He grabbed the enormous box just to find it felt surprisingly hollow. He bypassed this thought and ripped it open. What lay inside was a tiny, brown rectangular box. He felt a wave of gloominess and faked a smile. He picked up the box and wanted to get it over with. The box’s lid easily slid off and what was revealed was a small simple note. The note said:

hAPpY bIrTHdaY JUStIn.

Mrs. Smith asked, “What is it Justin?” He handed her the note and says
“I don 't know.”

Mrs. Smith 's face turned from a joyful expression to a pale and worried look.
“Who sent this?” Mrs. Smith questioned, “It has the same address and handwriting as Aunt Sarah on the front of the box.” Mrs. Smith passed the note to Mr. Smith. He, too, looked startled.
“I’ll call your sister,” Mr. Smith muttered. “Justin, can you give me and your mother some space to sort this out? We’ll come to get you soon.”
Justin reluctantly mumbled, “Yeah, I guess” as if his day couldn 't get any worse.

Justin stomped up the crooked staircase and up to his room. He ...

... middle of paper ...

...esser. It was filled with my old clothes and a few toys. Perplexed he started ripping all the clothes out and what was left was a bare, old closet. He started hearing a faint banging. He pressed his ear against the cool and smooth wood to get a better sound of it. The noise grew louder and louder until until it was right against his ear. He jumped back just in time for the whole dresser wall to explode. A large hole appeared at the dresser wall with a winding staircase on the other side. He ran to the door and locked it, If he was going to find out the truth he had to face his fears. He walked slowly over to the opening and peered through, all that he could see was a small platform ten or so feet above him. He forced himself to make steps. One after another he crept up the cold and rusty staircase until he faced an old fashioned door with a brass handle.

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