Essay on Happiness : What Is It? Where Does It Come From?

Essay on Happiness : What Is It? Where Does It Come From?

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Happiness. What is it? where does it come from?. To most people, happiness falls into the present, or so they believe. Actually, happiness is measured not only by one’s present situation but also by their past and future actions and thoughts. Tatarkiewicz defines happiness as the “satisfaction with one’s life as a whole” (Tatarkiewicz, 193). He believes that “happiness is certainly not something that could be exactly ascertained and measured”(Citation !!!) but it is something that needs to be evaluated over one’s lifetime and not just in the moment (Tatarkiewicz, 193). One’s memory of the past can cloud their current state of happiness while their future can boost their current emotion. Tatarkiewicz believes that happiness, or satisfaction with one’s life as a whole, “must be a satisfaction not only with that which is, but also with that which was and that which will be: through the past, present, and future (Tatarkiewicz, 194).
For most people, they believe that the present moment controls their happiness. According to Tatarkiewicz this could not be more from the truth. In fact he says, “Present events play a comparatively minor role in the human happiness” (Tatarkiewicz, 194). The reason that people believe that the present has such a huge impact on their happiness is because it is a direct, vivid experience. That being said, these direct experiences are actually less frequent than the experiences one remembers and or anticipates in the past or future. Another problem with the present is that it goes by too quickly. Seneca once said, “De brevitate vitae” which means: “it has passed, before it has arrived” (Tatarkiewicz, 195). Before one knows it, the current source of happiness is now in one’s past.
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...he trip in more while I was there and realized how awesome it was instead of thinking about seeing all my friends when I got home. This is something I think I need to work on as a person. I need to live in the moment more and really experience my direct experiences. Overall, I believe that happiness really is a satisfaction with one’s life and is not just how you are feelings at the moment but how you are feeling with your past, present, and future.
The past, present, and future affect everyone’s attitude whether they want it to or not. You need to look towards future enjoyment when you are feeling down and do your best to enjoy the present when you have bad memories. It is okay to reminisce on the past but be happy about it not sad. We all live a long life and it will be a roller coaster. You need to make the best of it and know that things will always get better.

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