Essay about Happiness Of A Capitalist Society Starts With An Individual

Essay about Happiness Of A Capitalist Society Starts With An Individual

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Happiness in a capitalist society starts with an individual. “Many think that happiness [represents] ourselves in material things, but actually happiness [starts] from within” (Dalai Lama). Happiness starts from individual responsibility. Then the right method brings happy life, individuals, family, nation and world (Dalai Lama). Dalai Lama says happiness starts with the individual’s actions and their efforts result toward their happiness. Those who had maximum effect from a parent during childhood have more happiness as an adult. He stressed that taking action in these views generates better outcomes in a free market. In order to stay happy you have to have peace, prosperity, and solve global problems.
Aristotle believes happiness equals eudaimonia. Aristotle saw only when we develop our truly human capacities sufficiently to achieve this human excellence would we have lives blessed with happiness. He thought just as there remains an ideal of excellence for any particular craft or occupation; similarly there must come an excellence that we can achieve simply as human beings. He thought that we could live our lives as a whole in such a way judged not just as excellent in this respect or in that occupation but as excellent, period.
John Stuart Mills believes that happiness should obtain maximization with the fewest risks possible. Mills and Bentham cared about happiness because they implicitly identified happiness with well-being that, good and well transpires. Bentham and Mill had different conceptions of pleasure, but they both equated pleasure with happiness and believed that pleasure remains the ultimate value. Bentham says that all pleasures stay equal. Mills says all pleasures remain not equal. In their view, when our lives...

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... Loeb. Third and final categorical imperative states that every rational being must so act as if he were through his maxim always a legislating member in a universal kingdom of ends. This falls into framework and trading decisions. In essence, the categorical imperatives and types of business decisions coincide in a lot of ways. In essence, deontological ethics influences business ethics in important ways. Modern business ethics believes that consumers enjoy certain rights, which may be prescribed by law, or defined by customs. Modern society generally recognizes the four major rights of consumers, which include the right to freedom of choice, the right to information, the right to product safety, and the right to complain. The company also has the duty to ensure different stakeholders are entitled to these rights. One may see how deontology affects commercial ethics

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