Happiness Is The Most Amazing Experience Essay

Happiness Is The Most Amazing Experience Essay

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Happiness comes in all forms and in a variety of meanings. Everyone can debate their perceptions on what true happiness is. The general idea is that it’s a state of mind where a person is at pleasure with their life or at a certain moment. People argue that the way to true happiness is money or finally getting that job they always dreamt of. They are narrow-minded to not think of something that will mend them happy now, in the moment. If they were to die tomorrow what is in existence today that would make them truly happy? Being content with your life is important to have, it helps a person accept life struggles and find the bright side of situations. For me, true happiness is simply being alive —breathing air is the most amazing experience, and being able to comply with my life.
Any average person has at least sat down once and thought about what true happiness is. It probably led he or she to fathom his or her purpose in life or what is the meaning of life. Suddenly that falls to questioning deeper thoughts about the universe and end up on an unknown, unclear idea and confusion li...

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