Happiness Is The Internet? Essay

Happiness Is The Internet? Essay

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Happiness is …the internet.
Imagine life without the internet. You and a few friends are having a lively chat and someone asks a question, maybe something about an old president or maybe even a popular singer. None of your friends are sure of the right answer. What do you do? Pre-internet you ask around, possibly call someone else, or you get out the encyclopedia. With the internet, you google the answer in a few seconds. There is an overwhelming amount of information online. It is easily accessible and for the most part is free because of things like Wikipedia and Google. The internet all at once has global broadcasting capabilities, more information than any library, chances to pool resources all over the world, interactions between people with no worry about geography, entertainment options of all kinds, and even more unlimited opportunities.
Happiness is defined as the state of well-being, but also as a pleasurable or satisfying experience. Happiness is certainly not a permanent state of being. It can come and go just like any other emotion. Being happy all the time might be impossible, but there are still a lot of things that help people find happiness more often. For some, it might be watching television or reading a book or spending time with loved ones. For others, it might shopping or eating a food they love. There are tons of things that help people find pleasure or satisfaction. The internet can enable almost any of those pleasurable experiences. The person who finds satisfaction in a good book has access to millions of books through the internet and sites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. The lover of chocolates can buy expensive and exotic chocolate online and have it shipped directly to their home. The person who ...

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..., studies even show that internet use makes people happier (Kelly). According to Tara Kelly, writer for Times “the survey showed that Internet use empowers people by increasing their feelings of security, personal freedom and influence”. It’s not a really a surprise considering the multitude of uses the internet offers. Whether it’s staying in contact with loved ones who live far away or simply watching a movie online, the internet offers people security, happiness and plenty of freedom to do anything they want.

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