Happiness: Can it be Truly Achieved With Money? Essay

Happiness: Can it be Truly Achieved With Money? Essay

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What is happiness that everyone is always seeking for, but hardly anyone can ever achieve in their lifetime? Why is everyone seeking happiness or at least what they think is a better form of happiness than they already have? Does everyone actually ever achieve this so called happiness that will supposedly make their life better than it is? Is happiness only a state of mind, perceived by one’s consciousness, and is it really that easy to reach out for as said by many self-help books and motivational videos you see on TV, or pills that the doctors give you, or even money? By now you may be thinking that I am just asking a bunch of sill questions about happiness, but let me explain; there is a method to my madness and the reasons why I am asking a lot of these questions about happiness and what it is and what I can do for you. What I am trying to say is happiness may or may not be a state of mind in which we perceive it, and is not easily obtained through trivial means, such as money, fast cars, plasma screens and such, although money may be the helping factor in achieving some form of happiness for each individual.
First off I would like to start out with this simple phrase that everyone has been told over and over again when we were younger; “money cannot buy you happiness,” and the variation that my parents always told me “money cannot buy happiness, you must strive for happiness in order to achieve it.” Now, personally, I do not think money can buy happiness, (like I said before) I do believe that having money can help with your happiness. Now, how you achieve that money for your happiness may have different effects on the outcome of how you feel. In an article by Arthur C. Brooks called “Can money buy Happiness” He tells a st...

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