Happiness Can Be Defined, Studied And Measured Essay

Happiness Can Be Defined, Studied And Measured Essay

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Everyone are entitled to different opinions of happiness and the way they feel about it. What is happiness really? Can you control your happiness or does it just come naturally? “Defining happiness can seem as elusive as achieving it. We want to be happy, and we can say whether we are or not, but can it really be defined, studied and measured?” (What is Happiness?). Some people think that happiness is something that happens them naturally but others think that it is something that can be controlled. Happiness comes from the choices that people make in their lifetime. Thinking positive is one of the key factors to happiness and to be happy, one needs to think positively. We exaggerate the feeling of happiness and always use the word when something good happens. Happiness can come in many different directions. Instead of looking towards the future or only focusing on the good things, anyone can live happy with the now focus on what they are doing now. Even though emotions are very difficult to control, it is possible to learn and have some control of happiness over time for a person’s feeling and emotions to be and feel happier.
Psychologists think that we can learn to be happy and that involves “strength, positive emotions, resilience, and happiness” (What is Happiness). It is researched that happy people live a long and healthy lives when they have strength and positivity in their lives. They have explained that there are three sources for happiness; “genetics, life circumstances, and our own choices.” Those three things can help control happiness. A lot of things evolve around us and we do everything to live happily. So who is usually happy? People with strong families and friends, who are optimistic and have high self-esteem, p...

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...happiness levels if they try. It can easily come naturally come from doing something a person likes or they can control it by either doing what they love or thinking of the good things and what comes from it. Happiness can be defined as seeing something as elusive as achieving it. We all want to be happy all the time and we can control that. Happiness comes from the choices that people make in their lifetime. Positive thinking is one of the key factors to happiness and to be happy, one needs to think positively. We can exaggerate the feeling of happiness sometimes and can always use the word when something good happens. Happiness can come in many different directions from just thinking something positive or doing a favorite hobby. Instead of focusing on the things that may come from the future, one can live happy when they start to focus on what they are doing now.

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