Essay on Happiness and its Killer

Essay on Happiness and its Killer

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Envy destroys the opportunity to feel peace and happiness, in order words, envy destroys bliss. Some people are well accomplished with all their basic needs meet, have great relationships, and a pretty decent life. However, they consume themselves in envy of those who look better, wealthier, and have greater relationships, what a waste of happiness. Envy leaves them depressed, and makes them lack peace of mind. A person who lacks peace of mind is an unhappy person. Being depressed affects people’s thought, actions, and sense of wellbeing in a negative way. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher stated that, “Happiness depends on ourselves,” envy has a lot of impact on people’s actions, and what controls their actions, their state of mind. Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, said that envy is the cause of unhappiness. Although envy is viewed negativity, he also believed that envy can be a positive thing, envy was the driving force behind the movement of democracy. Physiologist later concluded that there are two types of envy, malicious envy, and benign envy- a positive type, which is motivational forces. However envy is always going to cause a lack of peace of mind. Even the benign envy makes you lack peace of mind because you want to gain what someone else have, and if you do not gain it, it might leave you feel depressed. Envy is an emotion, which "occurs when a person lacks another's superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.” Being envious of what other people have can be a great source of unhappiness.
In the Geography of bliss by Eric Weiner, Eric went to different places including Swiss. Swiss is one of the happiest places in the world’s database of happiness. And ...

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...dmire failure, and there country is the one of the happiest nation. Moldovans gets into all the negative sides of Envy, and one of the reasons Moldova is a miserable country. Moldovans say they are unhappy for one reason: money. They don't have enough of it, especially compared to other European countries. So, envy is a big problem; the Moldovans feel like they are at the bottom of the heap and disgruntled about the success of others. As Eric said, "Even the name sounds melancholy. Moldooooova. Try it. Notice how your jaw droops reflexively and your shoulders slouch, Eyesore-like. (Unlike 'Jamaica,' which is impossible to say without smiling.)" (pg. 186)

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