Happiness And Its Effect On Life Essay

Happiness And Its Effect On Life Essay

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Happiness, Really?
Humans, though not all the same, have rudimentary needs and emotions that are necessary in life in order to successfully function. A healthy life requires happiness as a basic for psychological and physical soundness. Pleasure visibly, spiritually, and somatically makes a person. Without it in a person’s life, areas such as diseases, stress, pain and even death can onset sooner and takeover, when they could have been at least somewhat prevented in the first place. Happiness is the cause for a greatly increased quality of life; the effects of happiness improve the longevity, peace, and ultimate sweetness in a person.
Through deep analysis of what happiness is and its results, it can be summarized on a universal scale as the satisfaction with existence. Life trails on without any human’s jurisdiction, and happiness can and has been proven to help cope with the strains in life. According to Kira M. Newman - author, entrepreneur, redactor, and computer networker with the Greater Good Science Center – it states in the “Six Ways Happiness is Good for Your Health” article:
“Happiness and health go hand in hand. Indeed scientific studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer” (1).
She goes on to announce studies that correlate with the mentioned findings to create surety that happiness or joy is, in fact, a key aspect for a healthy life, such as the 2010 Canadian research study discussing anger and stress (Newman 2).
Opposing the more profound beliefs about happiness, it is has some downsides. The emotion, first, is relative to each different person. Certain progressions must be reached in an individual in order to be considered and defined ...

... middle of paper ...

...ding a way to release and relieve heart-ache; social skills and connections evidently act in these areas, as well (Rimer and Drexler 6).
A happy person is a healthy person, and a healthy person is a happy person when all facts, theories, and opinions are uncovered. Everyone has the ability to seek out and pursue a happy life, but whether they choose to do that is ultimately up to them. Happiness is a spark that is ignited to carry people through tough times, bland times, easy times, and even the most magnificent of times. As proven early on and as all the scientists mentioned through their calculations and configurations, happiness can promote: fulfillment from the core to the pore, cleanliness in self, and purity mindfully and bodily, prohibit: illness, death, negative emotions, and strife, and, overall, be a provision for a healthier and grander life.

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