Hans Christian Andersen 's The Little Mermaid Essay

Hans Christian Andersen 's The Little Mermaid Essay

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For my literary analysis I read Hans Christian Andersen 's The Little Mermaid, and watched Disney 's rendition of The Little Mermaid. I felt that these stories had more differences than similarities. Where Hans Christian Andersen focused more on the consequences of becoming human, the movie focused on Ariel winning the prince over. While reading this story I took note of the fact that even though The Little Mermaid was a normal human, in the end she still didn 't get what made her happy. The movie on the other hand, gave Ariel everything she wanted along the way for conforming to normalities of the world above the sea. Though the movie is a nice fantasy I feel the story is simply more important than the movie because it doesn’t encourage conformity. Though The Little Mermaid is a cute, and enjoyable movie I think it is important that kids know they don’t need to conform to be loved.
The movie began with Ariel exploring a sunken ship, for human treasures. When she returned her father was furious at her, he told again not to go exploring underwater or the surface. Ariel’s curiosity got the better of her later on, and she swam to the surface; getting her first glance Prince Eric. Suddenly a storm blew in, and quickly tore the ship to pieces. As the ship went down so did the Prince. As Ariel saw the Prince go under, she went to rescue him, and return him to the surface. The next day, after returning, her father noticed her acting different. Curious about this he asked sebastian about it, tricking him into admitting Ariel had been to the surface. He was furious with Ariel not just for returning to the surface, but for rescuing a human. Without thinking Ariel said that she loved the prince. King triton would not hear of this, so in Ar...

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...ay. The day the little mermaid turned fifteen her she swam to the top of the water the first chance she got. After arriving at the surface, she observed as much as she could, when she noticed a cabin on a party ship. She bobbed up and down with the water, looking in at the party. The person she noticed most was the young handsome prince. As the night got later the little mermaid wanted nothing more than to stay, but suddenly a storm blew in. The storm quickly got tearing apart the ship, and taking the prince down with it. She couldn’t let the prince drown because he could not live under the sea with her, so she saved the prince, and brought him back from the water hoping he would survive. As time passed, she continued watching humans, wanting nothing more than to see the prince again. The little mermaid later talks to her grandmother about humans, and discovers even

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